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Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes, we do have a blog...

...and you can keep up with us by following Crazy Crafty Creators on It's easy and FREE! We were using Facebook to keep all of our CrAzY and CrEAtiVE friends inspired and informed...but that hasn't been working. FB seems to be limiting what our followers see in hopes that we will spend some money on advertising. Thanks to Ellen's friend Diny, we have learned about Bloglovin'. It's almost as fun as Pinterest! You can follow your favorite blogs and discover new ones. You will receive an email notification daily showing what has been posted. There's even an "app" for those of you who know how to use your phones. We promise that we are going to be more regular with our posting. You will find inspiring ideas and we hope to share tips and techniques as we learn them. Spread the word and invite your CrAfTy friends to join us and Bcrafty2!

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