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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cutting and embossing die cuts...

We are creating a lot of interest in our new paper cutting dies from Holland. This tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to make your own beautiful die cuts using the Marianne, Leane and Cheery Lynn dies with your Sizzix Big Shot or Big Kick. When Ellen gets back from Holland I will find out her "recipes" using a Cuttlebug.

Supplies needed: Sizzix Big Shot or Big Kick machine, standard platform with flip tabs, pair of clear cutting plates, black silicone rubber pad, black hard plastic texture impression plate, any metal die and your choice of quality cardstock scrapbook paper.

1. Select a die that is designed to cut and emboss. Raised metal lines will cut out the paper and the flat, cut out areas on the die will emboss when using the silicone pad.

2. Choose your paper. Solid colors will work better when embossing. The raised texture that you add to your die cut might be hard to see when using patterned papers.

3. Cut your design first. Begin with the standard platform with all the tabs down. Place one of the clear cutting plates on top and lay your paper down in the center. Next, position the die on the paper with the cutting side down. Put the other clear plate on top of the die. Run this "sandwich" through the machine and back again.

4. Remove the top clear plate and extra paper that has been cut away. Keep your cut out piece in the die. Flip the die, with the cut in it, and leave it placed in the center of the bottom clear cutting plate. The cutting side of the die will now be facing up, ready to be embossed.
***TIP*** When your cutting plates get marked up, you can avoid unwanted texture by placing a piece of VERY thin plastic down first. Computer transparencies work great. Using an additional clear plate that you have not cut with, will work also.

 5. Set this aside while you adjust your platform. Flip Tab 2 out, towards you, and then place your clear cutting plate, with the die, on top of the platform.

6. Place the black silicone rubber pad (the soft, floppy one) on top of the die.  Top it with the hard black plastic texture plate. This will complete the "sandwich" to be embossed.

 7. Run this "sandwich" through the machine and back again.

8. Remove the black pad and plate and pop your embossed paper die cut out of the die.

Now you are ready to embellish your cuts. Try misting or inking the edges to enhance the raised areas. Maybe we'll try another tutorial to "spark" your creativity!...Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ellen has gone to Holland...

I took Ellen to the airport yesterday so she could catch her plane back to her homeland. As we approached the terminal, I really wanted to be going with her. I love to travel. Because my Dad was in the Air Force, I traveled a lot growing up. But, I never got to go to Europe. Hopefully, some day, I will be able to go with her. Until then, I'll continue to listen to Ellen's stories and "dream" about the day that I will get to see it all for myself.

Although I'm looking forward to what she is bringing back for us, I know that this is not going to be an easy trip for her. It is time for Ellen and her brother to clean out their father's house. No one looks forward to dissolving their parents' estate. It will be a quick trip filled with a lot of hard work. May they find joy in completing this unpleasant task as they work together and travel down "memory lane".

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prima Paper Kits...

In today's economy, it may be difficult to afford some of the beautiful papers and all the embellishments offered on the market. Ellen and I want to give you the opportunity to try them without making a huge investment. We've just listed a few kits from Prima. ------>

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

National Scrapbook Day...

This Saturday, May 5th, is National Scrapbook Day. Scrapbookers, cardmakers, and other papercrafters around our nation will be gathering to do what they love the most...creating keepsakes and preserving their cherished memories. What are you doing to celebrate the occasion?

I will be joining some friends at a retreat in Wichita Falls for four days of fun and fellowship. Scrapbook n Such is one of the largest scrapbook stores in Texas. Terri Doyle and her staff have been working hard to plan a weekend loaded with classes and make and takes. Here are a couple of the projects...

Stay tuned...I will be posting pics along the way for inspiration. Since Ellen won't be going, I plan on learning how to "Skype" with her. This weekend is going to be so much FUN! Post a comment and tell us what you will be doing...