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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Memorable trip to our favorite place...IKEA!

It was a beautiful day for a drive...except for the wind. Ellen needed to return a few things and invited me to go along. Of course, I never pass up a chance to go to IKEA. My favorite thing is to dream and plan for an organized craft room. Alex ALWAYS catches my eye. Yesterday, I discovered that Alex comes in several different models...oh my! Now I really have to save to get ALL of Alex! I LOVE all of the drawers! It is much easier to put things away when they belong in a certain drawer. Although I didn't see them, I hear that they even make dividers too.
This is NOT my craft room. But, it is a good picture that shows the different models. The tall piece retails for $119. In the showroom, they have two next to each other. You can Google or search on Pinterest to see other creative ways to use Alex in your creative spaces.
One of Ellen's favorites is this Rastog Cart. She finally got one and was excited to have a choice of colors. Up until yesterday, we have only seen the one in Robin's Egg Blue. I can't wait to see how she uses it in her new craft room. These sell for $59. We looked at a lot of carts and this one is much more sturdy than the rest.

We usually end our trip with treating ourselves to an ice cream cone before heading home. There are some benches that are close to the doors and the area where people take care of their returns. This is where we rest our feet while we enjoy our ice cream. We had just finished when all of a sudden Ellen let out a loud scream that got everyone's attention! She quickly looked down to see why the next bench was coming closer to her leg. At the same time, a guy that was returning a VERY HEAVY bed rail thought he was propping it up on the bench next to her. Next thing we heard was the scream from Ellen as it slid off the bench and into her shoulder and arm. Immediately the guy started "sweating bullets". He felt so bad and was very thankful that her injuries weren't worse. Eventually, when the initial pain and shock wore off, we were able to ease the situation with a few laughs. It was a memorable moment for all and we're all thankful that there wasn't any blood or broken bones! When it was all said and done, we had another fun day at IKEA and I can't wait until I can take Alex home with me!

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